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A Problem Related to Spirituality: Understanding the Concept of Free Will

Until the End of May these blogs will focus on problems related to creating a spiritual life. Lewis Answers: One of the most commonly discussed ideas among thinkers great and small is whether human have freedom of choice or is … Continue reading

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Spirituality in the Digital Age

  Now let’s take creative thought and the digital arts, and integrate them with the compassionate and kind life. What arises from this is the Post-digital Path. This term points significantly to our rapidly changed and changing relationships with digital … Continue reading

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A Woody Allen Joke About Marriage

  Game Theory based strategies deal not with mathematics  alone but with the idea that human often act irrationally Thanksgiving is a time of family etc. My wife and I were watching  a movie about marriage and ruminating on why … Continue reading

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Chop Wood, Carry Water: Zen and Artificial Intelligence

  Many of the computer pioneers at MITs Lisp artificial intelligence lab in the 1950s had a fascination with Zen Buddhism and Zen Koans. One of the most popular ideas was “Chop Wood, Carry Water”.  What does this mean?”  It means doing … Continue reading

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What is Truth?

Lewis Harrison explores, “You Can’t Handle the Truth” I awoke about 3:00 am this morning asking myself questions about truth and the distinction between what is truth or fiction? Sometimes this happens – I awake with just a few hours … Continue reading

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Zen Koans, Quantum Theory and Science

Those who attempt to merge Quantum Theory  with Zen, Taoism, and others Wisdom Paths from a purely superficial level will often fall into the trap of embracing superstition, or some “fluffy” new age idea as truth, while ridiculing scientific thought … Continue reading

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