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The “RealUGuru” Education Project is a series of information rich Ebooks, Trade Paperback books and courses addressing the Hack Life especially concerning issues related to personal development, human potential. wealth, success, wellness and spirituality



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I created The “RealUGuru” Ebook series to share in depth information on many of the subjects I write about concerning the Hack Life and which I speak about on my “Hack Life ” radio show at WIOX  91.3 FM and in my blogs and articles


Among the specific products and services offered through “RealUGuru”  – Hack Life book series is a regular blog on Problem Solving, and a series of books that answer in-depth questions on subjects as diverse as Time Management, Investing, How to Lose 100 Pounds in a Year, How to Quit Smoking, Alternative Medicine, Politics, Shamanism, and Multiculturalism in the Digital Global Economy and more…. If you are tired of superficial answers to complex questions then this is a series of books you should explore.

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I have always believed  that “when you are ready, willing and able all manner of unforeseen circumstances, events and scenarios arise spontaneously, and without discipline or willpower who to enable you to bring your dreams and visions to fruition.”

Making this happen for people is what my work is about.

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Here is a short section from my book, “Spiritual, Not Religious”

The Meaning of Life

I have often heard it said that one must have a meaning to one’s life in order to be happy.  I have thought of this often over the years and have come to believe, though not conclusively, that it is a personal choice for each of us to give something significant meaning, and yet, it is what you give meaning to that is essential to your personal sense of self.   On the Wisdom Path there is often a natural quest for spirituality, and in this quest you will often given meaning to your cultural, ethnic, and religious roots in ways that you have not even thought of before, or possibly may have historically rejected outright if you had. 

Transcending obstacles defines much of what goes on in your life.  Think about it. You function day to day pretty much automatically, and then suddenly you experience an obstacle. This obstacle will probably be associated with some physical or psychological discomfort.  It might be a red light that causes you to hit the brakes on your car.  It might be walking up the steps of a non-functioning escalator or a long line at the post office.  When things, events, or people limit your freedom, these “obstacles” take on meaning.  We are also often drawn to things of great beauty, sensuality, and elegance.  These things also have meaning.   So as you can see, to notice something in your life is to give that thing meaning.  If it had no meaning, would you even notice it?

What does it mean for something to have meaning?  Does the ‘meaning’ have to have a particular quality or quantity to it?  Does it need to be a profound meaning or will any sense of meaning do?  How would you even know if something had more than a superficial meaning?  What makes something significant?  What is the link between a life of meaning and significance?  If something has meaning to you, whether good or bad, does it have ‘meaning’ because it reinforces your sense of being and nothing more than that? These are important questions for you to ask on the Wisdom Path.

Many great thinkers have proposed that meaning is based on your perception and shifts in your perception. Something might have meaning now that might not have had any meaning just a few moments ago. Is meaning anything more than what something means to you?  This concept can have great implications for how you think, make choices in daily life, and even how you use language and communicate with others in the process of consciously creating your life experience – your new personal reality.

It appears; concerning the meaning of meaning; that we all have an idea, a thought, a passion, or an interest – some “content.” But what is lacking is a place through which to express this “content”.  Look at it this way. At times you may have tea (content), but no cup (form) to pour it in. In such a case the cup will have a great meaning for you in a way that it would not if there was no tea. On the other hand sometimes you have a cup (form) but no tea (content) to pour it into. This is how it is with an idea, a thought, a passion, interest, or some experience. Like tea it will have a great meaning for you in a way that it would not if there was no empty cup, or empty form available to be filled.

The meaning in your life can be compared to sand blowing through your fingers. It is there but not really. In the end there is meaning because you have created it or accepted it when it was presented to you. This can apply to religious faith, rituals, ceremonies, and many other ideas, and forms.

This is not to diminish what has meaning for you. It is simply to emphasize that it is through meaning, that all of us create hope and possibility for joy and celebration in life and living.”


Here is information on the books by Lewis Harrison that can get you started on the path to wealth, wellness and success and where you may obtain them.


Available as an EBook and in softcover:

 An Introduction to the Teachings of the RealUGuru 


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Introduction To The Teachings Of The RealUGuru by Lewis Harrison

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Available as an EBook and in softcover printed book:

” Spiritual, Not Religious: Sacred Tools for Modern Times”


A guide to living a spiritual life without dogma, clergy, rites, or rituals through a free and responsible search for truth and meaning”.

Order the Ebook at:

Order the Printed Soft Cover book at:


Available only  as an EBook 

“Winning at the Game of Life: A Primer on Lewis Harrison’a Applied Game Theory”


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Available only as a softcover printed book:

Healing Depression Naturally



Order the Printed Soft Cover book at:



No Matter What You Have Read One Cure for All Forms of Depression Simply Does Not Exist! By Defining and Diagnosing The Specific Cause of Your Symptoms There Is Hope.

Reading This Comprehensive Book Can Be a Major Turning Point in Your Life

If you are depressed or know someone who suffers from the symptoms of depression, then this book can offer a way out of this mental agony.

This book contains over 200 fact filled pages of tried and true depression healing tips, tricks and methods. It is jam-packed with all the nutrition facts, herb tips, aromatherapy techniques and many other methods previously known by only a small handful of the world’s most respected researchers.

This program contains all the information you’ll need to help you isolate the source of the depression and create a program without using drugs or unnecessary supplements.

Learn to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of depression as you go step by step through a body, mind and spirit healing process. This system will help you to isolate the causes and symptoms of depression and offer a program for healing.

In this revolutionary program you will:
• Explore how herbs and nutritional supplements (including St. John’s wort and kava kava) fight depression.
• Find out how healing can begin with your next meal – literally.
• Discover help through aromatherapy.
• Master meditation exercises designed to expel repressed negative emotions.
• Learn why colors influence your feelings and moods.
• Understand how Eastern techniques utilizing touch and massage can release buried emotions. 

If you or someone you care about is suffering from extreme clinical depression this book will help you to:
• Discover which hormone imbalances can cause depression
• Control SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
• Learn about depression as a personality disorder
• Properly diagnose the cause of the depression symptoms
• Determine the positive and negative aspects of antidepressant medication
• Understand how drug interactions can aggravate depression symptoms
• Isolate hidden causes of depression such as electropollution, toxic indoor environments, genetic factors, circadian rhythms, parasites and positive ions in the air
• Reduce heavy metals and other physical/biomedical causes of depression
• Reduce the influence of Allergies as a cause of depression
• The best vitamin and mineral supplements to reduce depression symptoms 
• Isolate immunological and glandular factors, hypoglycemia, candida, chronic fatigue syndrome and other health problems that can cause depression
• Use aromatherapy, prayer and pastoral counseling, music, art and dance Therapy and meditation to heal your depression

Included in this comprehensive e-book is a twelve week program to guide you in reviewing your life style, and picking out the best treatment techniques for you. With this easy to follow guide, you’ll learn all about diagnosing and defining the factors contributing to your depression, and how to once again enjoy emotional healing and well-being.

What the experts say about this ebook:
“Provides comprehensive and innovative treatment concepts.”
Linda Michelson, M.D., former Medical Director of Breast Health
Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta

“A rich, unique, versatile exploration of the many facets of depression
and its treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”
– Brenda Shoshan, Ph.D. psychologist and the author of Zen and the Art of Falling in Love

“Thanks to huge advances in the study of nutrition, herbology, and brain chemistry; along with integrative, holistic approaches, that take into account biochemical, emotional, cultural, structural and spiritual factors, outcomes are more effective than ever before, … the reality that you will feel better in as little as a few weeks, and that you will eliminate or radically reduce future depressive episodes does exist…and Harrison shows you how..”

– Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series



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