“Lewis Harrison’s Life Hack Radio Show” at WIOX 91.3 FM (WIOXRadio.org)

LEWIS HARRISON’S Music and talk show –  “The Life Hacker” ”  Broadcasts every Thursday 4-6 pm (EST)


WIOX Radio

This is a motivational, educational, informational, inspirational and very funny music and interview Radio Show filled with tips, techniques, strategies and hundreds of hacks about love, business, game thinking, personal finance, health

“…it’s sort of Howard Stern, meets Soupy Sales meets Charlie Rose, meets Albert Einstein, meets the Dali Lama for Shamans, Swamis, quantum physicists and dazed and confused millennials.


Based in NY the show  broadasts at 91.3 FM and streams internationally at WIOXRadio.org. on your computer, smart device, and in the chip that the pod people implanted in your brain while you were asleep. (Just kidding. It wasn’t pod people who implanted the chip.)

Ask Lewis

WIOX broadcasts from Roxbury NY in the majestic Catskill Mountains and is a proud member of WSKG Public Media – Part of the NPR network of stations. Thanks for listening.



Here is a humorous clip from the show



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