What is Life Hacker Applied Game Theory?

To really be a master lifehacker and climb the later to freedom, wealth and success in all ways  you need to have an understanding of game based thinking.


A lifehack is an old concept refitted with a new name. What is a life hack if not a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way. Essentially lifehacking is a merging of systematic thrift and frugality merged with time management and priority planning.

What did not exist earlier and which many lifehackers do not understand is that you can’t really take lifehacking beyond a concept of “working the system” if you do not understand Applied Game Thinking.  Applied Game Thinking.  is a system of strategizing to maximize one’s potential at the lowest possible cost physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cost. These game strategies are often created as a response to a competitive situation where a “player” in the game of life is faced with complex challenges, problems, obstacles and constraints (CPOC) Applied Game Thinking is a strongly influenced and loosely applied take on Classical Game Theory which has garnered researchers over a dozen Noble Prizes. With the many different lifehacks in my blogs including those concerned with wealth, health, the home and spirituality combined with applied game thinking as a foundation you will be able to short-cut and troubleshoot the labyrinth of  challenges, obstacles and problems that can arise at any moment.


My goal ultimately is to help you to save, money, save time and create greater happiness.

  • In order to apply any of this we have to go back to basics.
  • It is my experience that there are certain basic qualities that define virtually all human behavior. One of these qualities is to strategize ways to maximize our untapped potential and do so at the lowest possible physical, emotional and economic cost especially when interacting with others people. To a young millennial this is nothing more than a “lifehack”.  To me it is more accurately described as a lifehack game because game thinking is the most effective, efficient and productive way to achieve this goal. Looking for a short-cut is one thing; doing this by mimicking the thoughts and behavior patterns exhibited when playing games or exhibited by a master poker player is something else altogether.

One of the easiest ways to embrace lifehaking culture at the most effective, efficient and productive level  is to view these human thought and behavior patterns as strategies in a  game.  In such a game the more one who prospers the most, at the lowest possible cost wins.  The puzzle of creating a prosperous life does not need to be defined in financial or material terms. It can relate to emotional well-being, clarity of thought, service to others and many other ways. With strong lifehacking skills solving  puzzles often requires nothing more than simply filling in the blanks.


Much of life is driven by sets of ideas and numbers that describe the past, present, or future states of things, particularly strategic interactions between two or more individuals or groups (players) in situations containing set rules and outcomes. Game theory is the process of observing these interactions and relationships and modeling them so that one may make effective decisions. Applied Game Thinking is a simplification of these ideas.


In life we often model or copy what we have seen or experienced before.  This process is often known as “modeling” among game thinkers. Modeling lifehack strategies in this way then, is not about solving problems as much as it is about applications and solutions.


In life we are constantly presented with challenges, obstacles and constraints. Many of these are caused by other people, many of them dysfunctional to the max. In addition we must confront our own inner demons. All these elements lead to problems that must be addressed. Life hacking integrated with a game thinking world view is often the most effective way to address them.

Click below to observe a nine minute video interview with Lewis Harrison on why people suffer and how to life hack their way out of that suffering and unnecessary struggle:




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