Life Hack Training Retreats in The NY Catskill Mountains



The world is changing fast… are you overwhelmed by the problems and onbstacles associated all of these changes or are you “going with the flow” smoothly and without any unnecessary struggle? Come to one of my customized and personalized  “Reinvent Yourself through Life Hacking” Intensive Problem Solving Retreats. 

We all want to be more efficient, effective and to make better decisions.Most of us would like to live a life filled with greater love, kindness, compassion, generosity, mental clarity, emotional balance, spiritual fulfillment, financial freedom, and happiness. All of this is unlikely to happen without intention, a plan of action, a shift out of unproductive habits and a guide to help you along the way. Come to the Harrison Center and take your Lifehacking game to the next level.


Lewis Harrison – The Lifehack Guru is the founder of the Harrison Center for Personal Development, a simple but elegant, twenty two room Victorian home in Stamford NY,  has created a unique wellness spa-retreat that focuses on all of this. Lewis has been a pioneer in personal development, human potential, and Lifehack Culture for forty two years. Trained as a practical philosopher and as a Zen teacher he is the author of twenty-two books (available at and is the host of the “The Lifehack Guru Radio Show”, an information rich, motivational and inspirational talk radio show.  

Lewis was an early student of Thomas Leonard, one of the founders of the modern life coaching profession who taught Lewis the essential tools, tips and techniques for creating productive life strategies for his students. Lewis has a profound understanding of why and how we make certain choices in specific situations and how to maximize the quality of the choices we make.

If you have a passion for lifehack culture, the  creative process, personal development and human potential as well as  a curiosity for ideas and lifehacking tools that go deeper than superficial pop psychology than this is opportunity you do not want to miss.


Lewis only accepts one student (or a couple) at a time so this will be a very personalized nurturing and heart felt experience. This is NOT a tough love boot camp. The retreat focuses on information, wellness, motivation, inspiration, problem solving, Solution based thinking,  and rest and relaxation.  You will be nurtured in your own personal suite which includes a private star case, mezzanine, private film screening room, Queen sized bed, private Jacuzzi room, a separate private bathroom with shower and Bidet, three whole food vegetarian meals a day. meditation classes and guided visualization session.

For time off there is nearby skiing (30 minutes away), roller skating (30 minutes away), Bowling (10 minutes away) and hiking (out of our front door). A gym (15 minutes away).

We are on the edge of the lovely Village of Stamford NY.

Tuition for a the weekend is $697.

Tuition for a a week (six nights and seven days) is $3.977 all inclusive (Plus tax)

Email us at for details


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