Applied Game Theory A – Z…and Beyond – Personalized Courses and Coaching Based on Applied Game Theory


Watch Lewis Harrison the creator of this Course on Applied Game Theory A-Z and Beyond… as he is interviewed by master strategist and leadershop guru Jim Selman







Become a Successful Strategist and Tactician through our Coaching in Strategic Thinking Program


There is nothing you can achieve at in life, and sustain over time without developing an efficient, effective, precise, and productive strategy.

This program will teach you how to become a skilled strategist and master Lifehacker – a person able to define, formulate and implement goals, actions to achieve the goals, and the mobilization of resources to execute the actions.

In this program you will learn how to define (goals) and know which resources will be needed to achieve these goals.

Skilled strategists are needed more than ever as the organizations adapts to changing environments  and new competition.

In this program you will learn the 30 strategies used by most successful strategists. You will also learn about

  • Types of strategists by field (sports, politics, sales strategists, IT)
  • Strategist as a personality type
  • Career paths
  • Notable strategists
  • Sun-Tzu
  • Machiavelli
  • Carl Von Clausewitz
  • Win-Win Strategies



The world is changing fast… are you overwhelmed by the problems and obstacles associated all of these changes or are you “going with the flow” smoothly and without any unnecessary struggle? Come to one of my customized and personalized  “Reinvent Yourself through Life Hacking” Intensive Problem Solving Retreats. 

We all want to be more efficient, effective and to make better decisions.Most of us would like to live a life filled with greater love, kindness, compassion, generosity, mental clarity, emotional balance, spiritual fulfillment, financial freedom, and happiness. All of this is unlikely to happen without intention, a plan of action, a shift out of unproductive habits and a guide to help you along the way.

Lewis Harrison’s Coaching in Strategic Thinking Program can take your decision-making capabilities to the next level.

Lewis was an early student of Thomas Leonard, one of the founders of the modern life coaching profession. Thomas  who taught Lewis the essential tools, tips and techniques for creating productive life strategies for his students. Lewis has a profound understanding of why and how we make certain choices in specific situations and how to maximize the quality of the choices we make.

If you are a competitive person or find yourself  in competitive situations and have a passion for lifehack culture, the  creative process, innovative thinking, personal development and human potential as well as  a curiosity for ideas and lifehacking tools that go deeper than superficial pop psychology, or what you will learn watching Survivor, Big Bother, or The Shark Tank on television  than this is an  opportunity you do not want to miss.





Let’s begin with with some essential questions…

  • Do you feel victimized by circumstances that seem to be beyond your control?
  • Do you make poor decisions, or regret choices you have made in the past?
  • Do you always see to come in second best or worse in most competitive situations?
  • Do you seem to change your mind and the last minute or waver when making decisions?
  • Are you making a difference in the world?
  • Are you living your best life?




If you said “yes”  , to any of the above questions you may be a perfect candidate for



Lewis Harrison’s Coaching in Strategic and Tactical Thinking Program is second to none. Lewis and his associates through The International Association of Healing Professionals offer a unique, integrative and spiritually-based approach to living your best life. His work explores the teachings of the great thought leaders throughout history and presents them with a modern sensibility.



What Makes A Person An Effective  Strategic and Tactical Thinker?

Effective Strategic Thinkers are visionary tacticians with an understanding of gamer-thinking and game theory.  The best

Strategic and Tactical Thinking  Coaches are extraordinary individuals. They are quick thinking, passionate, and generous with a deep appreciation of delayed gratification.

Lewis knows how to:

  • Ask the right questions, listen and speak and when it is best to speak.
  • Empathize with the conflicts of their clients while maintaining professional and effective boundaries.
  • Apply strong critical thinking skills and have a profound understanding of  deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning, cognitive biases, logical fallacy, predictability, and probability.
  • Respect the religious and faith-based beliefs, and never make assumptions based on age, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and abilities and of their clients.
  • Use his own failures and successes, and knowledge of using the lessons he has learned to effectively overcome a variety of obstacles. problems, and constraints



Lewis’ approach to Strategic and Tactical Coaching is Particularly Effective Because He Offers His Clients, and Students:

  • A regular and consistent system for self-assessment.
  • A system for building a strong personal foundation. A process for determining what you really want.
  • Assistance in setting believable, and achievable goals.
  • Support in defining your values, beliefs, and personal style.
  • Assessment skills for measuring your personal progress.
  • A time frame and coaching agreement within which to act on your goals.
  • Helping you ask the right questions and find the best answers.
  • A safety-net when they experience spiritual pain, and inner conflict.

Stop and think for just a moment. Don’t:

  • Kings and Queens have Ministers,
  • Presidents and Prime Ministers, respectively have ministers and cabinets.
  • Great leaders have advisors.
  • Great athletes have both trainers and coaches.
  • The most successful financial investors have special advisors statisticians and mathematicians,
  • Artists have mentors,
  • Corporate executives have advisors.


The point is that if a person wishes to be more efficient, effective, precise, productive, and self-aware they will need some form of professional advisor to inspire, educate, and motivate? . There are no exceptions.


Would any of us want a pilot flying a plane you were a passenger on who was never trained properly?

Would any of us want to sit in a dental chair with a person who never studied dentistry?

Would any of us want to be in a competitive or adversarial situation without the skills needed to have it all end well?


Why Is It Important To Have A Strategy and Tactical Coach?

Anyone looking to succeed n a competitive environment must learn about and address  the important factors that define any scenario.

 This is true for everyone on every level of success, wealth, no matter how intelligent they may be or how great their resources.





Why do some people insist that “they are fine” and don’t require a mentor or a coach?

It is only the most common and ordinary thinker, a person of limited vision whose life is filled with unnecessary struggle and who wants to keep it that way who believes he or she can achieve life goals and fulfill a personal vision without the services of a professional adviser, mentor,  or coach.

Business people, lawyers, politicians, investors, and those seeking to maximize their potential at the lowest cost  can all benefit from the services of a strategic and tactical coach.


I want to ask you a few more essential questions concerning your life at this very moment.

  1. Do you choose to be ordinary or extraordinary?
  2. Are you presently being mentored or coached?
  3. Would you like to achieve your full potential, deeper understanding of your purpose here on earth,  and eliminate unnecessary stress, and struggle from your life?

If you choose to be extraordinary and are not, being formally coached or mentored than please read on…


What Are The Benefits Of Strategic and Tactical Coaching?

  • Support in taking the next step in your life,
  • Access to greater motivation, inspiration, information, freedom, clarity of thought, spiritual focus, and spiritual guidance.
  • Learning the essential points needed to make the best decisions, no matter what the situation may be.


Strategic and Tactical Coaching can Help You to Define Your Needs and Fulfill Them.

To get the most out of Strategic and Tactical Coaching  you must be ready, willing, and able to take actions and experiment along the way. If you are ready Shamanic and Spiritual Coaching can assist you to discern:

  • What is going on, and why?
  • Where are you developmentally?
  • What specific help is needed?
  • What choices to make to achieve measurable peak performance!



What Makes Lewis’ Approach to Strategic and Tactical Coaching So Unique?

  • Lewis was an early student of Thomas Leonard, the founder of modern Coaching Movement.
  • Lewis has learned from trial and error and has experienced and learned from challenges and failures.
  • Lewis has been an adviser on the Council of Foreign Relations, has been an Association Executive., and has worked as a professional trouble shooter for over four decades.

If you study the lives of the great strategists, tactitians, influencers, power-brokers visionaries, thought leaders, and game-changers you will immediately know that the expansion of greatness takes place under the influence of a mentor, adviser, or coach.

Lewis’ approach to strategy and tactics seemlessly integrates ideas drawn from many traditions and from a diverse pool of resources. It is not one specific, dogmatic technique. It is, rather, a process that integrates many techniques into a unique template. It is a template that allows many different systems to work in unison without unnecessary tension and conflict.

This unique approach to Strategic and Tactical Coaching  brings this concept of greatness to the ordinary person seeking to become extraordinary. It is a unique, radical departure from hourly fee, time-limited conventional coaching. His approach  is built on a process of questions and answers that integrates traditional and modern approaches to spiritual exploration


Are You Ready To Go To The Next Level?  

The movie/online video recommendations, workbooks, educational material, and phone conversations you will be receiving as part of your Strategic and TacticalCoaching with  Lewis will have repercussions for many dimensions of your life. Lewis encourages his students to think creatively, innovatively, intuitively, and critically. These skill sets, more than any others, help define what makes a person successful at life and more efficient, effective, productive, and self-aware! This cannot happen in an environment limited to book learning, homework, and quizzes. Lewis enjoys motivating and inspiring his clients to eliminate unnecessary struggles from their lives and achieve financial independence. The coaching style he offers is the most direct route to achieving this result.


What Can Coaching with Lewis Harrison Help You to Accomplish?

Through Lewis’ tool chest of experience, advice, techniques, distinctions, and solutions, offered through the Strategic and Tactical Coaching  Training, you will learn to master the “Game of Life.”



Why is Coaching with Lewis Harrison Different from any Other Coaching Program You Might Encounter

Some coaches are limited by the fact that what they know does not come from their own life experiences. These have been taught and what they know from books, videos, and coaching classes.  This should not be sufficient for the person authentically seeking to be more efficient, effective, precise, productive and self-aware.

Master coaches have achieved personal success in the very areas they coach about. They have “walked the talk” and have achieved real, measurable success.

Lewis Harrison is a Master Coach. In Lewis’ Coaching Programs you are not working with staff people on his organization, as occurs in many Coach Training Programs. In our programs you are working directly, and personally with Lewis.


About Lewis:

  • Studied personally with Thomas Leonard, the founder of the Executive and Life Coaching profession.
  • Worked directly with award-winning film maker, Michael Moore.
  • Produced and hosted his own Talk Radio Show at National Public Radio (NPR) Affiliated WIOX FM.
  • Has had nine books published with major American Publishers. Book subjects include life coaching, personal growth, and human potential.
  • Has been an adviser at the Council in Foreign Relations on U.S. Policy in the Middle East.
  • Is a Past-President of the NY Chapter of the Natonal Speakers Association. (NSA)
  • Is Past-National Chairperson of the Wellness PEG (Professional Experts Group – NSA)
  • Founded the International Association of Healing Professionals.
  • Is a recognized international authority on Gamer-thinking and how to create effective life strategies. Gamer-thinking is based on game theory, which has won over 13 Noble Prizes.
  • Was Director of VIP services for Real Estate Wealth Exposes on over 10 cities over 5 years. These Exposes included many thought leaders including George Forman, Tony Robbins, and members of the “Shark Tank” television show.


Please Beware:

  • If you are not hungry to get to the next step on your life; to become more efficient, effective, productive, and self-aware than Lewis Harrison’s Coaching Program may not be for you.
  • If you are unfocused, undisciplined, and lack a sense of purpse or a personal vision, Lewis Harrison’s Coaching Programs might not be a good fit for you.\


However, if you are tired of light-weight, week-end coaching workshops, with make believe coaching certifications, then Lewis Harrison’s Coaching Programs may be exactly what you are looking for. 


Videos of Lewis Harrison in Action

Below is a video,one of the great leadership coaches in the world interviewing Lewis Harrison about game theory and gamer thinking


Below is a video of an interview between Lewis Harrison, and  award-winning journalist Phyllis Haynes. Herethey discuss game theory, creativity, and innovative thinking.


Here is an interview with Lewis Harrison, published on Spirit Writer, an acclaimed on-line Magazine.


Lewis Harrison’s Coaching Program  includes four transformational and content rich lessons released every week, with additional video lessons, exercises, and a gamer-thinkers playbook and something you won’t find anywhere else in the personal growth, coaching, and human potential field – Unlimited access to Results Oriented Coaches.

There is simply no other Coaching  seminar or program that offers as many tips, tools, techniques, and  proven strategies in one concise and affordable program. Please take a few minutes to read this letter..


What others say about Lewis Harrison’s coaching skills:

“Lewis amazing…. I recommend him to anyone who wants less stress and more energy.”
Jack Canfield, Co-author, The “Chicken Soup for the Soul “ books and star of the movie “The Secret”

“Your program was one of the first steps I took in the process of defining my interest in alternative medicine and for that I thank you. It has been over 19 years and I am continually amazed when I look back upon how easily and quickly one step has lead to the next. Thank-you for being there to assist in laying the foundations for all my future studies.”
Robee Fian L.Ac
Former President American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM)

“Lewis Harrison is a transformational mentor and coach, whose vision and wisdom provide viable roadmaps for his students-this skill is unparalleled anywhere!”
Valerie Leeds Entrepreneur and former Account Executive at AOL (America Online, Inc.)”

“If your serious about getting ahead don’t pass up a golden opportunity to change your life for the better. I’m still learning and making more money.”
Rudy Curry –   Tai Chi Master




Natural Healing Mentoring/Coaching Tuition

Bronze Coaching Program #1 – 30 Day Cycle

This Includes:

  • 16 email lessons (4 Per week)
  • Links to suggested videos of Lewis explaining key coaching concepts.
  • 4 x 20 minute mentoring session by phone between 9:00 am -9:00 pm
  • No monthly contract required

$197. USD


Silver Coaching Program #2 – 30 Day Cycle

This Includes:

  • 20 email lessons (5 Per week)
  • Links to suggested videos of Lewis explaining key coaching concepts.
  • 4 x 30 minute mentoring session by phone between 9:00 am -9:00 pm
  • No monthly contract required



Gold Coaching Program #3 – 30 Day Cycle

This Includes:

  • 24 email lessons (6 Per week)
  • Links to suggested videos of Lewis explaining key coaching concepts.
  • Unlimited Phone Coaching with Lewis Harrison 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • No monthly contract required



Platinum Group Coaching Program #4 – 30 Day Cycle

This program is designed for up to 3 people for one tuition fee.

This Includes:

  • 24 email lessons (6 Per week)
  • Links to suggested videos of Lewis explaining key coaching concepts.
  • Unlimited Phone Coaching for up to 3 individuals, with Lewis Harrison 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • No monthly contract required


* Note: All profit from these programs go to support Lewis’ work with the International Association of Healing Professionals, The Wisdom Path Community and the Maydolong Relief Fund



I can’t run your life for you nor can I tell you what to do. I am right most of the time but not ALL the time, I am both asking you and telling you (whichever you prefer):

“Don’t interpret any of my content anywhere online or in my books as some sort of promise or implication of your future earnings, heath improvements or spiritual enlightenment.”

Results always vary. People are complex, circumstances change and what may be so with one person, place or time may often not be so in for another person, place or time.

My results aren’t typical.

I’ve been writing, teaching, mentoring coaching, speaking, selling, collaborating, networking, studying and practicing for over 45 years as my life’s vision & purpose.

Also, the average person who buys any business building, natural healing, personal development course (or something similar) rarely reads or follows directions strictly and even when they think they are seldom gets any results at all. To understand why this happens one need only observe how the average person who buys home exercise equipment rarely ends up looking like the person in the commercials.

Here’s the bottom line:


It will be a motivating, inspiring, educational, and transformational experience.


You’ve got to stick with it…

Think about this:

If any form of success – business, athletic, academic etc. was easy, everybody would be successful and rich.

If perfect health was easy, everybody would be healthy. There is no “instant chocolate pudding” here. There is no a “magic pill”, and there is no “magic” easy button you can press that will magically transform your life.

If you are looking for quick, dirty & easy and I’m not your guy and this is the wrong place. If that is what you are seeking and if that is your expectation I can assure you that you will have regrets later. Expect to be disappointed.

Come with an open heart and an open mind and together we can explore the very limits of human potential.


To learn more or get started email me at







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Email              ____________________________________


What You Hope to Gain From Coaching with Lewis


Describe What You Wish to Achieve in Coaching with Lewis.









All tuition payments for coaching are treated as donations to the International Association of Healing Professionals which offers educational programs and other support services around the world to disadvantaged individuals and communities. Your donation may be tax deductible. Check with your government or tax expert to determine if your donation is eligible.

Name of Coaching Program ____________________________________

Tuition Amount              ____________________________________

Means of Payment (Circle Below)

Check       Money Order       Credit Card

Amount Paid  _$­­­___.______ (USD)

If paying by American Express please add 5% to the total

Contact Lewis with questions at

After you have decided to sign up for Coaching with Lewis please request a phone interview with Lewis in your e-mail and include your phone number and the best time to reach you.


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