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If a person wishes to become wealthy, has limited entrepreneurial skills, no money, limited sales skills, and yet is a creative thinker, motivated, disciplined and a good communicator the fastest way to achieve wealth is through the the application of wealth lifehacks; the application of eighteen key non-cash resources to build cash wealth. By learning how to apply Wealth Building Lifehacks you can stop thinking like Jimmy Buffett and start acting like Warren Buffet”

To invest without cash requires expending some valuable resource  such as time, space, information etc. with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture.

What makes lifehackers well suited for wealth is that they are likely to explore the nature of wealth; the details of how wealth is created, how one becomes wealthy and successful, and what I call “millionaire thinking, rather than watching television pundits.


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Wealth Lifehackers know the shortcuts to wealth and success and have the unique skills required to solve problems, isolate challenges, and transcend obstacles in general. It is these same skill sets that make them great investors.   All you need to do to succeed and achieve wealth is to use the lifehack tools I am offering making available to you through my blogs and through my books and videos.

I would like you to think of achieving wealth and success as a game – A game that you engage in…not as a spectator sport. This leads to our primary rule: Always read my blogs and books with pen and paper or some voice recognition software in close proximity to you. Every new idea, technique, strategy or resource can be acted on immediately. I recommend that you apply at least one per day.

All of my lifehacks  are designed  so that when you are ready, willing and able to do what needs to be done you can do so efficiently, effective, and productively.

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My wealth building lifehacks are designed a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. I already know what the final picture is going to look like. It is going to be a picture of wealth, and success for you which includes a systematic approach to serving others. All that is required is that you put the pieces in place.  Whether you understand  this successfully will be determined by your creativity, clarity of thought, patience, persistence and willingness to learn how to put the “wealth hacks” puzzle together.

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I offer many different lifehack guides at http://www.realuguru.com. They are called “RealUGuru Guides”. These guides contain resource throughout and at the end of the books. Since our systematic lifehacks build sequentially on previous best practices and skill sets, you can’t afford to skip any of the tips.

My approach is designed to keep you balanced and clear in your thinking. It is possible to become so involved with the techniques, tips, strategies, and hacks of this “wealth and success mental jigsaw puzzle” that you lose track of the bigger picture. The list of Core Ideas for Review at the end of my books will help you focus on the essential ideas you need to become wealthy and successful.

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I highly recommend that you read and study this my E-books while viewing my daily streams and broadcasts on Periscope and Facebook Live. These are popular, free, live streaming Apps that can be downloaded to virtually any smart device like a computer, smartphone, tablet or whatever technology has developed since the writing of this series. I believe that the eventual “payoff” in studying the RealUGuru Guides; by watching my live streams and using my recommended lifehacks is an improved ability to tackle practical problems. In addition, you will have the necessary skills to address the more complex challenges that are likely to arise on your journey to wealth and success with clarity and common sense.


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In the end studying these life and wealth hacks and putting the pieces of the “Wealth and Success” puzzle in place will bring you a complete and very elegant and beautiful picture –a picture of love, wealth, and success. This is what is most important – the creation of greater love, clarity of thought, emotional balance, generosity of spirit, kindness, compassion, inspiration, motivation, personal freedom and the ability to share all of these experiences with others.

In the end all wealth building lifehacks are based on a systematic approach to the creation of wealth.

A system is an organized, established group of interdependent parts forming a complex whole and maintaining their existence by interacting regularly, harmoniously, orderly, and methodically over time to perform a task.

  • We all make sense of the world by seeing how things are organized. In fact wealth is created systematically
  • Each parts of a system will exhibit different behavior patterns. These differences will depend on the unique history and qualities of each individual part and how it relates to and interacts with the other parts.
  • An individual who understands how systems function and wishes to create wealth can use the same wealth building principles in many different systems –This is also invaluable for creating wealth in different ways. At times you may need to buy and sell with many different types of currency including cash, barter, for example, real estate sales or internet marketing. In the end you will become financially independant and the currency you used to get there was lifehacks.

Follow the “Lifehack Guru Blog” for regular tips, techniques, and short cuts  for living your best life!

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  1. Sunil Kapila says:

    I would be keen to get started on this new career and lead a life of joy and freedom


    Sunil kapila

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