Spiritual Hacks


Spiritual Hacks are simple tips and short-cuts you can use in your daily life to create greater harmony and balance.


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These Spiritual Hacks are based on ideas presented by members of  The Wisdom Path Community A  loving and caring  support community for all those individuals who when asked about their faith respond “I’m Spiritual, not Religious”. Traditionally seekers of spirituality have gone  to monasteries, ashrams, convents, nunneries,  or yeshivas to live and study -for the most part cutting themselves off from the secular world. In these closed environments there was usually a headmaster, rabbi or monk  and a system of practice that might include meditation, liturgy, and the study of sacred texts. In certain eastern traditions various martial arts, or specialized teachings such as the  flower arranging, or the Tea Ceremony might be offered. All of these practices were designed to help create an environment for self-realization or enlightenment.  Because of what might be called by some, “the spiritually materialistic and repressive/suppressive nature” of these closed communities, there was often hidden drama and inappropriate behavior to be found below the “serene” surface. In more enlightened communities, the focus might be  on expanding qualities such as mental clarity, empathy, sensitivity, humility, compassion, and spiritual awareness. The most evolved of these communities, no matter what the primary tradition might be, created strong and loving support networks and offered mentoring and supportive friendships.

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How can one integrate the best elements of  the monastic environment in our multicultural, pop culture driven, digital age? Spirituality can mean different things to different people and yet a the Spiritual Hacker seeker is likely to focus on activities which motivate, inspire, heal, renew, lift up, and comfort through means that might include material approaches, but which somehow transcend materialism.  Though monasteries still exist, it is less likely that a “child” of the digital age can or will easily be drawn away from multitasking, smart phones, Google, Facebook, and other digital diversions and choose to become a reclusive monastic. It is my experience that one can choose to create a Monastery of the Social Network using digital tools.  A person filled with a spiritual hunger  and immersed in  pop culture, and a host of  digital diversions can create a sacred and profound daily life experience. This is what we have done through this Spiritual Hack page. What we done is create an external monastic template (temple?)  that can provide many of the qualities one can experience at a traditional monastery without actually doing so.  Here you can fully engage others on the Wisdom Path, supporting each others to maintain a more consistent Spiritual Practice, whatever that practice might be. I found that the best way to explore the development of a Monastery of the Social Network is by reaching out to friends or strangers with a common interest in self knowledge; the link between physics and mysticism, meditation,  and spirituality.

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The internet is filled with individuals who will seek others to explore, discuss, and share the journey of the Wisdom Path. There is no fee required to engage the Wisdom Path Community. No one even needs to know who or where you are. “Come as you like and contribute as you will.” This is a judgement-free zone.

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This group is most appropriate for the extraordinary person who wishes to explore the sacred, the divine, love, sexuality and spirituality, and wishes to do so free of the chains of formal religion. When we speak of formal religion we are referring to the rites, rituals, ceremonies, dogma, holy books, the clergy and any of the other accoutrements and trappings of a reality where one person or organization tells another what is or is not “spiritual”. Even those who consider themselves to be atheists and agnostics are welcome here.



The foundational ideas of the group are derived from the book Spiritual Not Religious: Sacred Tools for Modern Times by Lewis Harrison. To join the group or follow streams of thought in the group,   go to our site on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ WisdomPathCommunity/ The posts placed in this FaceBook site are inspirational, motivational and educational. It also offered to help each member of the group to explore how the defining and clarification of one’s intention, and one’s personal life’s vision may lead to what is known in many spiritual traditions as “Enlightenment.” To learn more about the core philosophy behind the Wisdom Path Community and to get plenty of Spiritual Life Hacks please read the book. “Spiritual, Not Religious: Sacred Tools for Modern Times’  By Lewis Harrison The book is available free of charge as a Kindle e-book and at a moderate price as a soft cover book through your local book seller, or at Amazon.com Live with kindness, compassion, hope, joy and love. Lewis Harrison – Facilitator for the Wisdom Path Community

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