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Home Lifehacks are for anyone who lives anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you wake up in  a Penthouse on Park Avenue to a Tiny House outside a local park. Home Life hacks are tips for saving money and time while maintaining an abundant and comfortable life style. Whether it is how to build a complete home entertainment system for under $100. to making your own yogurt with 4 minutes of labor at a cost of 30 cents a gallon.  Home lifehacks are not only about troubleshooting in your home life but any aspect of your day. It can include tips, techniques, strategies and shortcuts for your car; personal care; the kitchen and even romantic relationships.  My approach to saving money and living very well is  not about deprivation but rather about about being creative and resourceful.  Why piss away your time and money paying retail on unnecessary things or spending too much on the things you need?



Home Lifehacks can be applied to every aspect of your life, no matter how small or insignificant.  Whether it’s breaking down the cost for a family of four using fancy cloth napkins vs. paper at each meal: $7.00/year for cloth vs. $35 /year for paper (in 1990’s) prices.



There are practical tips for saving money on just about everything, including:

  • How to get stuff for free
  • How to make your own:  cleaning products, denture cleaner, toothpaste, gift wrap
  • Making your own pancake batter (It takes 6 minutes and feeds four people for about $1.50)
  • Recycling and re-purposing plastic and glass bottles and jars.
  • Homemade first aid care
  • Mastering the art and science of Thrift store shopping. I bought a big screen television for $10 dollars and a DVD/video player for $3.00 on 2010.
  • Cheap and creative solutions for entertaining and kids birthday parties.
  • Detailed comparisons of heating with oil vs. wood; the cost of gas appliances vs. electric.
  • Have fun (and more intimacy) partnering with your mate through home hack living working as a team you can build a life together lifehacking.


The thing to always keep in mind is that everything you use in your life likely was made some where either by you or some manufacturer. Whatever that “thing” is, it had to be purchased – either with cash or in some other way with some other resource. In my approach to lifehacking the more effective, efficient, and productive you are the less cash you need to spend. Cash can be easily replaced with time, space, information or some other non-cash currency. In the past thrifty and frugal activities could be time consuming but with smart devices, a myriad of apps, some street smarts, good time management skills and some mindful choices you could probably live like a millionaire on $17,000 a year.





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