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A Conversation on How We Make Decisions   Foundational Principle for this Blog: To explore Applied Game Theory and how individuals and organizations can strategize to make effective decisions.   Definition: Decision – A choice selected from a number of … Continue reading

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E. F. Schumacher and Self Actualization

An interview with Contemporary Spiritual Teacher Harrison, the creater of Harrison’s Applied Game Theory STUDENT: What is self actualization and what is its connection to reinventing one’s self? LEWIS:  Self actualization is the awareness that one has connected to the … Continue reading

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Game Theory, Intution and the Butterfly Effect

Intuition and Cause and Effect Q. The concept of cause and effect seems pretty obvious? LEWIS: This chapter is not about just “cause and effect” alone but about exploring the ways that events in the past or present may influence … Continue reading

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The Secrets of Initiation

The Secrets of Initiation.

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The Secrets of Initiation

This is derived from a class I taught on the role of initation in making effective strategic choices in life. Lewis Harrison 000000000000000000000000000000000000 The basics of this class was:  To explore how an individual is accepted by a group through … Continue reading

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Influence and Game Theory

In my studies in Game Theory and my teaching of Life Strategies I have recently directed my attention to the subtle ways in which we are influenced and influence others. In my roll as a radio talk show host, writer, … Continue reading

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