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Lifehacking A-Z…and Beyond

A Course and Coaching Program

For the serious seeker of knowledge who wishes to stand on the shoulders of giant



Thanks for coming to explore my course/coaching page on Lifehacking A-Z…and Beyond

If you are a newbie to lifehacking, you will find it easy to understand and apply in your daily life.

Let’s Begin…


A Lifehack (or lifehacking) is any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency in all walks of life.


Life hacking is an old idea with new applications.


If you are a person who loves games and sports, has a competitive sensibility, a passion for excellence and are seeking new ways to improve your EEPPSA; efficiency, effectiveness, precision, productivity and self-awareness, then I want to introduce you this amazing course on Lifehacking.




The concept of lifehacking is so important that The American Dialect Society voted lifehack as the runner-up for “most useful word of 2005” behind podcast. The word was also added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online in June 2011. I soon wrote a basic book on the subject, combining lifehacking with applied game theory



The  Course and Coaching Program I am offering you here is a personalized approach to helping you to live the good life by helping you turbocharge  your efficiency, effectiveness, precision, and productivity – all at the lowest possible cost. All of this can be achieved through a unique and easy to apply lifehacking system.


What is lifehacking about? It is a systematic approach to combining MacGyverisms with frugality, innovation, thrift, excellence and common sense to solve problems and give you financial freedom.



Believe me, Lifehacking is not your grandfather’s duct tape and string approach to problem solving. It is a way of giving up unnecessary struggle in your life while creating a feeling of stability, security, and financial freedom through simple actions.



The term Life Hack was first used by computer experts who suffered from information overload, or those with a playful curiosity in how they might accelerate their workflow in ways other than programming. You may be familiar with the concept of lifehacking through the writings of Tim Ferris, the entrepreneur investor, podcaster, master lifehacker, and author of The 4-Hour Workweek.




Our Life Hacking A-Z…and Beyond course and life coaching program is not some recycled self-help course filed with old motivational and time-management clichés; nor are our team members at AskLewis “fake experts”.



The course offers techniques, tools, hints, and strategies for your household and lifestyle. In the course you will get advice on unusual uses for everyday objects, food prep, storage, organizing, time management, delegating, efficiency, and creating wealth. A a bonus the course also offers essential low cost tips and ideas for the prepper life, living wisely, and even tips for video gamers for winning the game of life.



What makes this program so unique?

It is based on game theory and gamer thinking. I have learned that it is virtually impossible to figure out how to win the game of life without gathering essential information and receiving skilled and consistent coaching. A skilled coach can guide us upward and forward, and keep us ahead in the chess-game we call “life”.




The AskLewis team has gone into the private files and archives of some of the greatest efficiency and self-sufficiency experts from around the world.



Many of our experts are from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. From these experts we learned about juggaar and urawaza.Juggaar or jugaar is a Hindi word describing any innovative fix, methodology or simple work-around. Those who have mastered juggaar know the resources and solutions to virtually any problem or obstacle. In Japan, everyone knows about (urawaza (裏技) –a secret trick or some quirky, ingenious technique that optimizes an everyday activity like cleaning up spills, preventing odors, or folding laundry. In Japan, urawaza have been shared by word of mouth and passed down to descendants for centuries. Both juggaar and urawaza are greatly respected skills for they signify creativity: to make existing things work, or to create new things with meager resources. This is, of course, the essence of common sense lifehacking.




Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what country you live in or whether you are based in small city apartment or on a farm. This course will help you slash your expenses, increase your income, and offer you hard to find budgeting and investing tips.


Here is a short list of many lifehacking tips for transforming your life. In this course  you will learn:

  • Kitchen hacks: How to make your own yogurt, Kombucha, or Sour Dough Bread for just pennies. •Freeganism: Where to get high quality new or almost new, clothes, furniture, and much more for free.
  • Personal development: Learn activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance your quality of life and contribute to the realization of your dreams and aspirations.
  • Self-help – Tips, tools, techniques, and strategies for self-guided improvement—economically, intellectually, or emotionally—often with a substantial psychological basis.


If you are a person who loves games and sports, has a competitive sensibility, a passion for excellence and are seeking new ways to improve your productivity and self-awareness, then I want to introduce you to the world of Applied Game Theory.



Often, competing in the game of life is not an easy process, and you can’t depend on good luck. The fact is that do well in any activity, we require certain skills, tools, street smarts and  and strategies? As my mentor Vincent used to say “smarter you are the luckier you get”

For those of us who know what is needed to win the game of life, there is an intuitive understanding that coaching, combined with the essential tips, techniques, strategies and tools, will help us to win the Game of Life.


The Lifehacking Course and Coaching Program is dedicated to providing you with educational blogs, videos, personalized courses, and results-oriented life coaching so you can be more productive and content. By having the knowledge of gamer-thinking, and lifehacks, it is that much easier to successfully address challenges, and hack through obstacles, problems, and the competitive aspects of life we are often presented with.


It is our mission through this program to show you everything you need to know for applying game theory to your daily life. The course is designed in a simple and easy to follow format. Here you will have the ability to get access to the essential information needed for anyone seeking to become a skilled lifehacker, without complex, confusing, and technically confusing directions

The course offers regular content rich lesson/modules, blogs and vlogs, that explain in simple terms the basic elements of lifehacking and applied game theory.


In the program which you take at your own pace you will receive:

  • 41 lesson modules that you can explore at your own pace.
  • 3 weekly, 45 – 60 minute – coaching sessions. Here you will be able to address questions, challenges, and whatever special needs you develop in the process of becoming a skilled lifehacker,
  • Receive practical exercises and quizzes to further educate, entertain, motivate, and inspire you.


This course is designed to teach anyone, from nine to ninety, how to apply lifehacking to daily life. What is your next step…?



There are three requirement to be accepted into the course:

  • You must be committed to a life of greater financial freedom, emotional balance, personal growth, and meaning.
  • You will need to invest $997 for tuition.
  • You must schedule and complete an interview with the AskLewis Team.


You can schedule an appointment by sending an email request to:

Interviews are usually conducted via Zoom.


For the individual seeking lifehacker  educational videos,   products and discount coupons 





                                                                                                                           Lewis Harrison

      For the Ask Lewis Team


If you need help, please contact us here or simply visit You can also call us via the support contact page.


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