The Life Hack GameTraining are living in a world of Smart Devices, Apps, and Graphic user interfaces.

Anyone born after the late 1970s has been psychologically programmed to perceive of reality as an interface of thousands of little Tetris style boxes. I do not believe there was any master plan to do this. It was just the natural merging of technology, artificial intelligence and human thought patterns. Human’s love their reality neat and tidy and ever more efficient, effective and productive. Smart Devices, Apps, and Graphic user interfaces have done just that.

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The down side of all this is that people have lost much of their natural common sense and critical thinking skills and yet they feel as if they are in control of their world. Where is their common sense?

If you think I’m exaggerating when I say  this just go into a McDonald’s and ask the kid behind the counter for one hamburger bun with just lettuce and tomato and then ask “How much?” or ask for anything that is not listed on the board. Most likely the cashier will look at their cash register and a blank look will quickly come over their face. Why? There is no button for what you asked for.  The manager may even experience the same dilemma.

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The Life Hack Game Training can free you from this “In the Box” way of living. By freeing up your playful and innovative side you will begin to think creativity in new and highly effective, efficient and productive ways. No you can put all the pieces together


Many of these individuals have had their critical thinking blocked from their consciousness or never developed any to begin with. They didn’t play in the sand box with other children, they played Super Mario on a video game console. They may have faster sensory and motor function but they can’t think out of the box. They can’t even conceive what out of the box is.

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The good news, at least for you, is that they see the world as one big game that can be hacked!


The Life Hack Game Training is the oldest  program on Life Hacking in the world (started in 1983) and the only one that integrates Game Thinking into Life Hacking.

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To begin with the Training is far more than a simple study in game thinking or a loose bunch of Life hack tricks, and tips thrown down  in long lists on a website. It offers the true student and practitioner of Life Hacking a master game plan and  an opportunity to explore their motivations for making certain choices over other choices. The hacks are drawn from  remarkable lineage of  tech geniuses programmers, economists, psychologists, magicians,hypnotists, stage mentalists, philosophers, legal experts, life coaches, business experts, military strategists and Noble Tricksters so skilled that they make McGuyver look like an amateur.


This Training  offers insight, and guided personal development.  Our advisers are among the finest in the world, with personal backgrounds in the most extensive training program one can find today.


Our students are extraordinary. We are fond of saying that we host the most inquiring beginners as well as the most sophisticated players and strategists. For many, the  Training  is the first step into a much broader world of wealth, success, clarity of thought, emotional balance and service to others. Others, far more advanced in game theory and game based thinking, bring us their many experiences. They add polish and depth to this Training. Some visit for only hours, some become mentors to us all and with us for as long as the Training is privileged to exist.

It has been nearly two decades since Lewis Harrison first sat in a movie theater watching “A Beautiful Mind” and heard an inner voice telling him to explore “Game Theory” and  Game Thinking. Lewis has explored, expanded and re-framed much of what he has learned over the years so that it might be applied to everyday living by anyone willing to learn a few basic concepts, tips, techniques and strategies for discovering the “short-cuts” to the best life possible.

Ask Lewis

 Lewis welcomes anyone who wishes to share in his excitement and create a life that maximizes human potential at the lowest possible cost. This training will show you how to turn your mind into a game based matrix-data game, life-hacking,  problem solving tree.


One of the most important things to remember when exploring this rather overwhelming website is that everyone here started as a beginner. Therefore, we all greatly enjoy working with beginners, and we feel there is no better place on earth to start your explorations into the Hack Life and game based thinking and strategizing. One of the most central precepts we teach here is: “It does no good to take anyone any place that does not serve them.” This challenge is one that novices face in their explorations, but it is a challenge that is lessened here specifically because of the advanced level of expertise you will encounter in the  Training. In this training no one will ever force you to learn mathematics, or explore complex ideas or theories that you feel overwhelmed by. It is a simple step by step process. We will even stop you from going to places we feel you are not yet ready to explore.


Please do not feel deterred because you think you are not smart enough or advanced enough to explore Hacking combined with game based thinking. If you can understand, can play, and enjoy Super Mario, Donkey Kong, checkers, Tic-tac-toe or Rock-Paper-Scissors you will love this course. Rather than being overwhelmed, you should feel this is the finest, as well as the safest, place to begin your earliest explorations. If you are taking the first few steps out of your own ordinary thinking, whether you are just a teenager or an academic with a PhD please understand that you are welcome to come and grow with our highly ethical Life hack experts.

If you are interested in this program the first step is to study “Winning the Game of Life: A Primer on LewisHarrison’s Applied Game Theory”. This is a hundred plus page Ebook on the foundations of this work. You can order and download it by clicking below:




Follow the “Lifehack Guru Blog” for regular tips, techniques, and short cuts  for living your best life!

To learn more about the Life Hack Guru’s many books, speaking and coaching go to his educationl materials site at:


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