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A Problem Related to Spirituality: Understanding the Concept of Free Will

Until the End of May these blogs will focus on problems related to creating a spiritual life. Lewis Answers: One of the most commonly discussed ideas among thinkers great and small is whether human have freedom of choice or is … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Peak Experience

I began my career as a motivational speaker. This peaked my interest in life coaching, spirituality, positive thinking, success, personal power, and issues related to “self-help” and personal enlightenment. Over the years I have gotten to meet many extraordinary people. … Continue reading

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Understanding Games and Gamification in Stress Management

In understanding Game Theory and creating life strategy it is important to understand that all personal development and human potential is based on the time of game you choose to play in life. If stress management seems to be your … Continue reading

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What is Chi or Qi?

STUDENT: Is there a simple way to define what Qi, Chi or Ki is? LEWIS: It is the expression of the law of nature?   STUDENT: How does one know what is a law of nature? LEWIS:  Part of the … Continue reading

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Q & A on Synergy, Christopher Alexander’s Pattern Language and Problem Solving

Foundational principle of this Conversation: To explore how the recognition of subtle patterns can help one to solve complex problems. Pattern: A pattern is a type of theme of recurring events or objects, sometimes referred to as elements of a set of objects. … Continue reading

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