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Spirituality in the Digital Age

  Now let’s take creative thought and the digital arts, and integrate them with the compassionate and kind life. What arises from this is the Post-digital Path. This term points significantly to our rapidly changed and changing relationships with digital … Continue reading

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Zen Koans, Quantum Theory and Science

Those who attempt to merge Quantum Theory  with Zen, Taoism, and others Wisdom Paths from a purely superficial level will often fall into the trap of embracing superstition, or some “fluffy” new age idea as truth, while ridiculing scientific thought … Continue reading

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Zen Mind, Depression Symptoms and Being Objective

I use Zen thought as a tool for helping people heal from depression. I was motivated to do this because of an interview with Leonard Cohen the singer, introspective composer and student of Zen. Cohen talks about being depressed for … Continue reading

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Zen and Life Strategies

A game theory based strategy when applied by a student of Zen is much more effective because this strategist is less likely to be hobbled by expectations of the future or regrets about the past. Many of the developers of … Continue reading

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