The “Getting the Best Seat on a Plane” Life Hack


I was recently at a Travel agents conference and I talked about being effective and efficient as a passenger on a plane. I sat waiting to get one of those on-site corporate chair massages from I got into a conversation with someone who asked me, “What exactly is a lifehack?

Lifehack cover.jpg

It is, of course,  any shortcut that creates greater efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. The best lifehacks also create greater self-awareness.


They then asked me if there was a secret to getting the best seat on an airplane?


I responded, “The question you must first ask is “Are some seats better than others?” The answer is yes and there are ways to nab the best spots for yourself. Of course what is considered “a best seat” will be different for different people. Let’s look at some variables.

If you are able to choose the type of seat you want keep this in mind.


In economy class: 

  1. Choose a seat that allows for a slight recline feature of a few inches or legroom in bulkhead seat or emergency exit row.
  2. Flyer beware: The seats in front of an exit row and at the very back of the plane do not recline. Often those behind the exit have weird window configurations.
  3. Sitting by the galley can be loud as the crew prepares food and beverages and will often meet there during quiet periods on the flight.
  4. The bathrooms are usually near the galley so if you sit in that area be ready for either noise or people tripping over you.

Asa side not many airlines offer Chair massage in  the terminal or on the plane. Check it out!.


Here’s a cool video



This was an extract from my notes on lifehacking. For a book on the subject I suggest:

“How to Hack Your Life Through Game Thinking” By Lewis Harrison. The book  contains  over 400 high and low-fi hacks.




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The Softcover version is available at:

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Lewis Harrison – The RealUGuru, is a writer, mentor, success and wealth coach, content-rich, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur specializing in problem solving, troubleshooting and strategizing  based on game thinking, applied game theory and systematic thrift.

He is the author of over twenty-two books published in five languages.


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Here is a short interview with Lewis;


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